About RinoFlex

«KMK Group Ukraine» is a Ukrainian company that successfully proved itself in the local and international construction markets. In 2009, «KMK Group Ukraine» became the official representative and importer of the European manufacturer of construction chemicals and high-quality waterproofing materials from polyurethane «Alchimica».

Throughout the entire period of cooperation with «Alchimica», specialists from the «KMK Group Ukraine» Company observed the performance properties of waterproofing materials that were used at intra-territorial facilities. It took exactly 10 years to create the ideal waterproofing formula, optimized for the climatic conditions of Ukraine. In 2019, «KMK Group Ukraine» founded their own waterproofing brand – «Rinoflex». «Rinoflex» products incorporate many years of experience of Greek professional technologies of the world famous waterproofing «Alchimica»and domestic developments in the field of production, taking into account the natural climate of Ukraine.

The narrow regional focus allowed the release of a product similarly highly effective to its predecessor, with a more acceptable pricing policy. «Rinoflex» waterproofing is widely used for protection against water of various types of surfaces that require maximum accuracy, reliability and durability. The absence of volatile organic solvents in the composition makes the material safe and non-toxic after polymerization. The service life of the treated coating with waterproofing «Rinoflex» reaches 25 years!

The main goal of «KMK Group Ukraine» is to create high-quality affordable products for a comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly life of our population!

On the Rinoflex blog, you can find a lot of useful information as news, instructions for use, announcements of new products, licenses and much more.

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